Children's Hospitals: Improving Child Health

Children's hospitals are committed to providing the best health care outcomes for children through child and family-centered care that is safe, effective, timely, equitable and efficient. Children's hospitals lead the nation in providing pediatric hospital and specialty care, educating pediatric physicians and health professionals, implementing clinical information technology and researching new technologies and patient care practices.

Leaders in Child Health Quality

Enhancing quality and patient safety is a priority for children's hospitals and the Association. Together, our organizations are pursuing three overarching strategies to make significant, measurable improvements in quality and patient safety for children's hospitals.

  • Facilitate children's hospitals' leadership to TRANSFORM care for children
  • ADVOCATE for children and children's hospitals in the national quality environment
  • Build MEASUREMENT capacity to guide patient safety and quality improvement efforts that are child-focused and evidence-based

Strategic Alliance

The Association has a strategic alliance with Children's Hospitals' Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS), with the mission of eliminating serious harm across all children's hospitals in the U.S. SPS is a network of 78 children's hospitals working together on a patient safety journey so that every child receives safe care every time they enter a children's hospital.

Federally Protected Safety Sharing and Learning

Affiliated with the Children's Hospital Association, the Child Health Patient Safety Organization (PSO) is a component of N.A.C.H. and a federally listed patient safety organization by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) under the 2008 Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act Final Rule to provide federal privilege protections for confidential event reporting.

The Child Health PSO aims to accelerate elimination of preventable harm. Thought leadership, learning collaboratives and resources will be maximized with participating hospitals along with two premier organizations – Children’s Hospitals’ Solutions for Patient Safety and ECRI Institute PSO. Learn more about the Child Health PSO. Contact Kate Conrad, FACHE, Vice President.

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The Children’s Hospital Association has announced Marlene Miller, MD, MSc, professor of pediatrics, vice chair of quality and safety at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and chief quality officer, pediatrics across Johns Hopkins Medicine, will work with the Association as a senior advisor.

Sustained/Extended Release Medication Fill and Administration Errors- July 16, 2014
Two patients had adverse reactions after errors were made in administering extended release medications. Learn what actions to take to prevent this at your hospital.

Fingertip Amputation- July 16, 2014
A neonate’s fingertip was amputated with scissors while removing tape around malfunctioning peripheral arterial line. Learn what actions to take to prevent this at your hospital.

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