Public Policy

Public policies are critical to the ability of children’s hospitals to care for all children, through clinical care, training, research and public health advocacy. As health care policies are debated at the state and federal levels, The Children's Hospital Association and its member hospitals work with policymakers to ensure children’s unique health care needs are not overlooked and that every child has access to high quality, cost effective primary, preventive and specialty care services tailored to meet their needs. Find out more about the Children's Hospital Association.

Key Issues

CHGME/Workforce Medicaid Reform
CHIP Pediatric Research
Childhood Obesity Pharmaceutical Access
Community Benefit Reporting Private Coverage
Health Care Reform Quality



Latest Resources
Washington Update- August 29, 2014
The Association urges member hospitals to keep up the drumbeat to urge House cosponsorship of the ACE Kids Act. On the regulatory front, hospitals are asked to endorse the network adequacy consensus statement, and the Association and hospitals host an exhibit booth at the 2014 NCLS Legislative Summit. Restricted

Washington Update- August 22, 2014
The Association encourages member hospitals to reach out to their congressional delegation and social media contacts to support the ACE Kids Act of 2014. On the regulatory front, CMS announces new exchange consumer assistance guidance and grant opportunities. Restricted

Chart of Administrative Actions- August 21, 2014
Pending regulations and other guidance shown on this chart allows children’s hospitals to track administrative actions throughout the regulatory process.

Association Public Policy Update Conference Calls- August 18, 2014
The Children's Hospital Association invites government relations and other member hospital professionals to participate in weekly, half-hour conference calls on the latest news from Washington. Restricted

Washington Update- August 15, 2014
The Association continues to provide resources to member hospitals to urge House members to cosponsor H.R. 4930, the ACE Kids Act of 2014. On the regulatory front, children’s hospitals are asked to endorse the Association’s network adequacy consensus statement. Restricted

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