FOCUS on a Fitter Future Outcomes

Updated: October 2012

In 2008, NACHRI convened FOCUS on a Fitter Future to articulate the role of children's hospitals and related institutions in combating pediatric obesity while building consensus on performance measurement and quality improvement. FOCUS on a Fitter Future set out to examine the state of the art in care of obese children and adolescents and articulate the best ways to ensure their physical well-being and emotional safety. In 2010 a second cohort, FOCUS on a Fitter Future II, continued this work.

FOCUS on a Fitter Future is guided by a multi-disciplinary team whose members represent 15 pediatric health care professions involved in the care of child obesity - physicians of several specialities, dieticians, exercise specialists, nurses, physical therapists, obesity program managers, psychologists and social workers. The following represents an overview of their findings, with more outcomes to be released in 2012.

Pediatric Obesity: Practical Applications and Strategies from Primary to Tertiary Care 

In September 2011, NACHRI and the hospitals from FOCUS on A Fitter Future published an eight-article supplement to the journal Pediatrics. Pediatric Obesity: Practical Applications and Strategies from Primary to Tertiary Care highlights the multifaceted work children's hospitals are currently doing in the field of pediatric obesity and reflects the spectrum of challenges they face - in both clinical programming and infrastructure building.

Realizing the Vision 
CoverRealizing the Vision: Continuity of Care for Children and Adolescents with Obesity

This report highlights initial findings of a collaborative effort to identify optimal ways to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care and improved services for children and families affected by obesity. Geared towards those in hospital leadership positions, Realizing the Vision is an advocacy piece and statement of need for those who must negotiate the middle ground between the unending needs of the children in their care and the ever fluctuating resources available to meet them.


Planning, Building and Sustaining a 
Pediatric Obesity: A Survival Guide Cover

Planning, Building and Sustaining a Pediatric Obesity Program: A Survival Guide

This "how to" publication provides guidance for new and still developing weight management programs.  Whether you are in a planning and start up phase still forming a business plan or struggling with a plateau that hinders program growth to meet community  need, The Survival Guide has recommendations for you. The Survival Guide provides practical strategies and tactics, proven effective for hospitals working to grow, build or sustain a vibrant childhood obesity treatment and weight management program.

Advancing a Healthy Hospital Initiative

Advancing a Healthy Hospital Initiative (May 2012)

This publication highlights recommendations from FOCUS on a Fitter Future to help children’s hospitals advance a healthy hospital environment for patients, families and employees by: identifying and treating patients with obesity, establishing a safe hospital environment and creating a healthy hospital environment. The recommendations found in Advancing a Healthy Hospital Initiative can help children’s hospitals set the standard in wellness and position themselves as leaders in the fight against pediatric overweight and obesity. 


Children's Hospitals 
Respond to the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Tools to Advocate Policy Change  

Childhood obesity has become a widely discussed topic in recent years, within the health care arena and beyond. In order to increase the dialogue on the issue on Capitol Hill, FOCUS on a Fitter Future II developed a value piece, Children's Hospitals Respond to the Childhood Obesity Epidemic, to give policymakers examples of the community benefit provided by obesity programs within children's hospitals. The piece demonstrates children's hospitals' work in this field in the areas of clinical care, research, advocacy and education.

An additional resource for those working on public policy issues is our resource guide, a catalog of reports and references from allied organizations and federal agenecies on the topic of childhood obesity. This tool aims to inform hospital staff on important statistics and information that can support advocacy efforts on a local, state and national level.

Expert Guidelines: Role of Psychologist in Assessment and Treatment of Obese Youth (April 2012)

The psychologist participating in FOCUS on a Fitter Future II worked together to develop the white paper Expert Guidelines: Role of Psychologists in Assessment and Treatment of Obese Youth. These expert-consensus guidelines aim to assist psychologists working with obese youth in a multidisciplinary specialty care setting. Key issues of assessment are highlighted and the role of the psychologist in the assessment process within a multidisciplinary team is carefully defined.  In addition, the expert committee of authors defines the role of a psychologist in the treatment process.  

2011 Executive Report (April 2012)

The FOCUS on a Fitter Future 2011 Executive Report is a brief summary of the work of FOCUS on a Fitter Future II. It is intended to provide a high level overview of the work of the childhood obesity FOCUS Group.



Slide shows from NACHRI's Creating Connections Conference (March 2010) and Annual Leadership Conference (October 2010) 

Poster Presentations:

Attrition and Retention in Pediatric Weight Management: A Multicenter Survey (Presented at Annual Leadership Conference, October 2012)

Perspectives on Obesity Programs at Children's Hospitals: Insights from Senior Program Administrators (Presented at The Obesity Society Meeting and NACHRI's Annual Meeting, October 2009 and Creating Connections, March 2010)

Is Your Pediatric Hospital Prepared for the Obese Patient? (Presentated at Creating Connections, March 2010, Annual Leadership Conference, October 2010)

Assessment of the Obese Child and Adolescent: A Survey of Pediatric Obesity Management Programs (Presented at The Obesity Society Meeting and NACHRI's Annual Leadership Conference, October 2010)

FOCUS on a Fitter Future: Obesity FOCUS Group 2009 Outcomes Presentation

Planning, Building and Sustaining a Pediatric Obesity Program - Launching the Survival Guide

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