NACHRI is a membership association of hospitals and institutions whose programs are primarily clinical rather than social, educational or custodial in nature. Membership in the Association may be granted by the Board of Trustees at its discretion.

Institutional Membership

  • Self-governing, not-for-profit children's hospitals that care for patients with conditions normally requiring a stay of less than 30 days
  • Self-governing, not-for-profit, independent specialty and psychiatric children's hospitals, including those with clinical specialization in orthopedics, rehabilitation, chronic diseases or mental illness
  • Pediatric units of not-for-profit medical institutions caring for patients normally requiring stays of less than 30 days and serving as the primary teaching sites of organized pediatric departments of approved medical schools

Associate Membership

  • Not-for-profit medical institutions each with a pediatric graduate education program affiliated with a medical school, but not the primary teaching site, and having a minimum daily pediatric census of 45 and recognition as a pediatric referral center
  • Committees or other entities pursuing the development of not-for-profit children's hospitals


  • Not-for-profit or for-profit organizations not eligible for institutional or associate membership, but wishing to support the Association programs of advocacy for children and child health care

Only institutional members are eligible to vote, although associate members may be represented on committees and councils.

N.A.C.H. Membership Criteria

An independent corporation, N.A.C.H. is the public policy affiliate of NACHRI. N.A.C.H. members must be voting or institutional members of NACHRI and located in the United States.

International Membership

International members are not-for-profit or for-profit children’s hospitals in countries other than the United States and Canada that wish to support the Association’s programs or advocacy for children and child health care. 

Member Services

Member services provides prompt and accurate response and information to callers, both members and nonmembers, concerning Association products and services. It is responsible for receiving general queries on child health issues and directing callers to appropriate program areas. Member services coordinates the application and enrollment process of potential members. For more information about membership, please contact Member Services.

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