Hematology/Oncology Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections Collaborative

This multi-year Association effort is focused on reducing central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI) in the pediatric hematology/oncology (Hem/Onc) unit. Participants in this initiative learn how to reliably implement "best practice" bundles to reduce CLABSI, collect monthly data, and attend two workshops each year while receiving transparent performance feedback data and coaching. Teams also discover new knowledge and test new interventions systematically and quickly through the collaborative's large sample sizes and methodological rigor. Read the Collaborative Charter to learn more.

Since October 2009, the Hematology/Oncology CLABSI Collaborative has:

  • Saved 51 lives
  • Prevented 433 infections
  • Saved over $15,132,898

*Data updated quarterly. Current data reflects Q2 2013.

Latest Data: May 2013 Aggregate Report

Team Resources and Tools
Hem/Onc Practice Inventory Tool - Introducing a newly developed tool for participating Hematology/Oncology teams to learn from one another’s practices and products.(XLS) Restricted

Hematology/Oncology Collaborative Team Resources and Tools - Information, resources, and tool templates needed to implement evidence-based practices and reduce CA-BSIs in pediatric hematology/oncology units. Restricted

Maintenance of Certification
QTN Maintenance of Certification Documents and Information - Compilation of Maintenance of Certification documents and information for the Quality Transformation Network (QTN) Collaborative programs. Restricted

Interpreting the Monthly Data Reports Restricted

Quality Transformation Network Faculty Information

Webinar Materials
Hem/Onc CLABSI Collaborative Webinar: August 19, 2014 (Recording)- August 2014 Restricted

Hem/Onc CLABSI Collaborative Webinar: June 17, 2014 (Recording)- June 2014 Restricted

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Workshop Materials
Hem/Onc CLABSI Collaborative Workshop Handouts: May 2014- May 2014 Restricted

Hem/Onc CLABSI Collaborative Workshop Presentations: May 2014- May 2014 Restricted

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Manuscript Development
How to Get Involved in Manuscript Development- August 2014

Approved Concept Proposal Forms- August 2014

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