Case Mix Program Database

Participants can access Case Mix data online via our reporting tool. This nationally representative, pediatric, inpatient, clinical database lets you contrast your hospital's utilization against truly comparable patient populations.

Access the Reporting Tool (requires separate login)

Access to the Case Mix Reporting Tool site is only available to:

  • Current Case Mix program participating hospitals
  • Individuals granted access by the designated Case Mix Program Liaison at their hospital

Watch a tutorial on how to run the new Case Mix reports.

New: Case Mix ORYX Non-core Measure Reports Available

PQMS has historically offered 10 non-core measures to assist children’s hospitals in meeting their accreditation requirements for The Joint Commission (TJC). Effective with 1/1/15 data, TJC no longer requires the reporting of these non-core measures to meet accreditation requirements. Since the non-core measures continue to provide useful metrics for members, the following 10 reports are added as standard reports within the Case Mix Program. All Case Mix participating hospitals can access these reports but the comparison group for all measures includes the hospitals that selected and used these measures for the TJC reporting in 2014.

Access the Case Mix ORYX Non-core Measure Reports

If you cannot enter the website, your hospital is not currently participating in the Case Mix Program or you have not been granted access to the site by your hospital liaison.

For questions about the database or access, please contact the Analytics Support Team, (913) 262-1436.