Children's Hospitals Today, Summer 2013

Cover image CHT Summer 2013The summer issue of Children’s Hospitals Today features in-depth public policy coverage from Medicaid reform efforts to exchange implementation and the Affordable Care Act.

Read key stories below, or download the entire issue as a PDF to read on your tablet or e-reader (7 MB).


Taking Steps to Reform Medicaid for the Nation’s Sickest Kids (PDF)
Children with complex medical conditions see multiple pediatric specialists and require services that are challenging for a family to coordinate. As a health care system, we can go the distance and change how we care for the nation’s sickest kids.
Children’s Hospitals’ Mental Health Initiatives (PDF)
Matters of the mind are important to children’s hospitals, who are leaders in their communities when it comes to kids’ mental health needs.
Here and There: How Telemedicine is Improving Efficiency and Access to Care (PDF)
Telemedicine is becoming more common in children’s hospitals, and here’s why: It provides an alternative to face-to-face interaction, expands regional access to high-demand subspecialists, and increase efficiencies that support quality improvement and population health management.
Preparing for Disaster (PDF)
When disaster strikes, children’s hospital employees are often on the front lines. Here’s how doctors and staff at Boston Children’s Hospital put their training and teamwork to the test in a race to save lives.

An Update on the Affordable Care Act (PDF)
Now that the parts are falling into place, here’s what we know about children’s coverage and access under the Affordable Care Act.

Transparency, Quality and Transforming Care (PDF)
Three hospitals share strategies for public reporting of quality data, explain how they changed internal culture to get where they are today, and talk about how increased transparency is transforming care.


Chairman’s Message: Education and Access (PDF)
Helping patients and families take advantage of the Affordable Care Act.
Hospital Highlight: A Pulmonary Hypertension Program (PDF)
An Atlanta hospital gets to the heart of care.

Child’s Story: Finding the Right Care (PDF)
After months of uncertainty, a baby gets a chance for survival.