About N.A.C.H.

The National Association of Children’s Hospitals (N.A.C.H.) is the public policy affiliate of the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions. Founded in 1995, N.A.C.H. is an independent, not-for-profit trade association with more than 140 member hospitals. They include freestanding acute care, rehabilitation and specialty children’s hospitals as well as children’s hospitals organized within larger medical centers.

N.A.C.H. federal advocacy and state policy analysis address public policy issues affecting children’s hospitals’ missions of service to the children of their communities, including clinical care, education, research and advocacy. N.A.C.H. works with its member hospitals to educate federal and state officials about the unique health care needs of children and the challenges member hospitals face in fulfilling their missions of service to the children of their communities.

N.A.C.H. has four components:

Federal Advocacy

N.A.C.H. federal advocacy staff work with member hospitals to inform federal policy that helps children’s hospitals to fulfill their missions of clinical care, education, research and public health advocacy for all children.  Federal advocacy staff provide strategic support and timely information to members through a comprehensive set of advocacy resources that include: action alerts; fact sheets; the bi-weekly newsletter, Washington Update; talking points; policy briefings at N.A.C.H. advocacy days; weekly conference calls; federal affairs programming at NACHRI conferences; annual N.AC.H. Government Relations Planning Meetings and periodic retreats; site visits; and individualized technical assistance. N.A.C.H. works closely with other national children’s advocacy organizations to further its legislative goals and protect children’s health care. Join the Federal Bulletin discussion list for up to the minute news.

Staff Contacts:

  • Jim Kaufman, Vice President, Public Policy, N.A.C.H., 703/797-6006
  • Sharon Ladin, Director, Legislative Advocacy Programs, 703/797-6063
  • Aimee Ossman, Director, Mediciad and State Policy Services 703/797-6023
  • Camie Corrigan, Assistant Director, Federal Legislative Affairs, 703/797-6040
  • Keisha Willis, Associate, N.A.C.H., 703/797-6029

State Policy Services

N.A.C.H. State Policy Services provides information and data on significant state Medicaid and SCHIP policies affecting children and children’s hospitals, analyzes federal actions on Medicaid and SCHIP and their impact on states and children’s hospitals, and shares information on children’s hospitals’ experiences influencing state Medicaid and SCHIP policy.

State Policy Services resources include: monthly reports on state legislative trends that are published in its monthly newsletter, State Policy Services Update; issue briefs; fact sheets; timely alerts and analyses of federal policy changes; case studies; state comparative data; conference calls; programming at NACHRI conferences and annual N.A.C.H. Government Relations Planning Meetings and periodic retreats; and individually-tailored assistance. Join the State Policy Services discussion list to network with members and N.A.C.H on critical state policy issues.

Staff Contacts:  

  • Aimee Ossman, Director, Medicaid and State Policy Analysis, N.A.C.H., 703/797-6023
  • Melissa James, Associate Director, Medicaid and State Policy Analysis, 703/797-6085
  • Liz Parry, Assistant Director, Medicaid and State Policy Analysis, 703/797-6192

Legislative Advocacy Programs

N.A.C.H. Legislative Advocacy Programs provides children’s hospitals with tools to build and strengthen their legislative advocacy capacity and mobilize their communities around legislative changes at the local, state and federal levels to improve health care for all children.

Legislative Action Programs resources include: the online Legislative Action Center; three Washington, D.C., Advocacy Days; annual Government Relations Planning meetings and periodic retreats; case studies; access to a legal team for political and lobbying activity guidelines; customized training and technical assistance; and on-site presentations to hospital boards and staff. Join the Legislative Advocacy Talk discussion list to network with members on legislative advocacy issues.

Staff Contacts:

  • Sharon Ladin, Director, Legislative Advocacy Programs, N.A.C.H., 703/797-6063
  • Magi Curtis, Associate Director, Legislative Advocacy Programs, 703/797-6081
  • Maria Apostolou, Associate, Legislative Advocacy Programs, 703/797-6048

Fee-for-Service Projects

For an additional fee, N.A.C.H. provides services to subsets of interested member hospitals. For example, the N.A.C.H. TRICARE Project brings together children's hospitals serving large numbers of children of military families to work together on TRICARE policy issues. Children's hospitals located near major military bases often devote a substantial portion of their care to children who are covered by TRICARE, the Department of Defense system of health coverage for military retirees and dependents, including the children of members of the armed services.
N.A.C.H. TRICARE Project resources for fee-paying hospitals include technical assistance to resolve claims disputes, advocacy to improve reimbursement, positioning of children’s hospitals in the TRICARE network and partnerships with military family advocates. In addition, TRICARE Project members receive the N.A.C.H. newsletter, TRICARE News, and they participate in an annual TRICARE leadership meeting as well as periodic regional TRICARE contractor meetings.

Staff Contact:

  • Camie Corrigan, Assistant Director, Federal Legislative Affairs, 703/797-6040